Modern motherhood: Baby2Body puts “outdated” apps to shame

There's a reason 500,000 mums use it. 

Will you be going the extra mile for your mum this Sunday? For one hot new service, it’s Mother’s Day everyday.

Baby2Body is an online platform “for every woman who has a baby on her mind” – whether she’s planning for pregnancy, already pregnant, or a new mum.

Founded in 2013, the free content service already attracted over half a million users – and it’s easy to see why…

Making motherhood personal

Every woman’s experience of motherhood is different, but as founder Melinda Nicci discovered, too often women are given bland, disengaged, blanket advice.

“The information available to new and expectant mums is outdated, confusing, rarely personalised and not always relevant to each individual – so women don’t know whom or what to trust,” she told The Memo this morning.

What’s more, baby-focused services often fail to treat pregnant women as whole human beings.

“Of course every woman is focused on having a happy, healthy baby,” Nicci explains. “But that doesn’t mean she can’t look and feel amazing and retain her sense of self at the same time.”

Meeting your individual wants and needs

By contrast, Baby2Body treats women as individuals, offering free, wide-ranging, personalised content across topics like food, fashion and exercise.

Importantly, anything you’re sent is also tailored to the stage you’re at in motherhood: the tips you get at 2-months along, for example, will differ to what you’re sent at 6-months, and will meet your specific needs both before and after birth.

“We provide expert, actionable, and relevant guidance on each woman’s wellbeing giving her exactly what she needs, when she needs it,” explains Nicci.

“There is no other resource that addresses fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, and beauty and provides fresh, relevant, and daily content.”

“That is what we do and it’s what makes us stand out.’

How to get on-board

To access Baby2Body you’ll first need sign up online or through the app – this will ask you to input your first name and email address, and your baby’s due date (or date of birth).

From there, all content is sent directly to you (with daily advice for pregnant users and weekly tips for new mums).

If you fall in love with Baby2Body, you can upgrade for more ‘Premium’ content for £9.99 a month.

“If a woman isn’t yet pregnant but is trying to conceive or planning for a baby, we have our planning for pregnancy weekly newsletter – so we really do have something for everyone,” says Nicci.

Better health for mum and baby

The outcome of all of this is better physical and mental wellbeing, and a brighter future for your baby, says Nicci:

“Addressing mental health right from the start of pregnancy has been shown to help women feel more comfortable discussing it after birth, knowing how and when to reach out for help, and ultimately reducing their risk of postpartum depression,” she explains.

When it comes to physical health, safe exercise and improved dietary habits can reduce the risk of everything from gestational diabetes, to preeclampsia, and obesity; while there are lots of pregnancy activities that can positively influence your baby’s future health.

Supporting modern mums for years to come

In the two years since launch, Nicci has already raised over £1m in investments, and Baby2Body now has over half of a million users from 30 different countries.

But Baby2Body is “just getting started,” says Nicci, who’s already expanding the platform into “a one-stop shop” for health and wellbeing products.

Ultimately the goal is to put Baby2Body “in the palm of every mum around the world”.

“I want every woman who is a part of Baby2Body to feel uplifted, confident, sexy and empowered every single day,” says Nicci.

“This is an incredible time in a woman’s life, and she deserves to feel like her happiest and healthiest self, rather than limited or unsure.”

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