DevOps Monitoring Support Engineer - Dataloop.IO

About Our Company

Our software monitors availability and performance of servers and services in the cloud. We are seeking an all-round engineer with a solid understanding and practical experience of DevOps processes, tools and architecture in cloud computing environments. We are a startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs, backed by Tier 1 investors and we are disrupting the large enterprise DevOps monitoring space with an innovative technology product. 

A successful candidate for this position will have autonomy to make decisions in a fast paced team environment, support large enterprises and high growth startups alike, and be ready to pick up the phone, board a plane or jump on a Slack conversation and troubleshoot client problems. 

To date, the founding team have been running customer support with fantastic results. We have a growing number of customers that love working with us, and our product, which has resulted in huge upsells in the past 6 months as our customers roll us out across their organisations. You can view some of our customer case studies here.

The DevOps Monitoring Support Engineer will be responsible for a range of customer facing responsibilities and backend support. Primarily you will be responsibe for support, interacting in our vibrant user community to answer questions from users using Dataloop.IO and trying to figure out the best way to monitor their services, but also to go on-site with larger customers to help them get setup properly and also support the sales team with technical questions and demos. You will also help the Operations team with support of our production service to identify and fix issues that occur when the UK team are offline.

As a monitoring platform that supports Nagios checks, Graphite, StatsD and Prometheus end-points, you will have a lot of experience setting up and running monitoring for online services, as well as other DevOps activities such as writing Configuration Management, deployments and troubleshooting issues in production.

This is a chance to work with a world class DevOps team, building a world class monitoring service, and share your expertise with a range of leading companies who need their monitoring problems solved!


  • 3-5 years of DevOps experience supporting and running an online or SaaS service
  • Great, customer focussed, attitude and proven track record of making even the most difficult of customers happy and successful
  • Technical background, in particular: Writting Python scripts, using Configuration Management tools such as Ansible, Chef and Puppet
  • The ability to write succinct, crisp emails along with a polished phone manner
  • Eagerness to be the first at a role
  • Energy and enthusiasm


While the team are based between London (UK) and San Francisco, your focus will be on supporting customers in North America and as such we are open to this being a remote role if those locations aren't an option. We would prefer a West Coast candidate to cover the time-zone gap with the U.K. but are open to any successful candidate across the U.S. if they are willing to support West Coast hours