Millions wrestle daily with pressing problems. Elegant digital offerings can trigger an inferno of demand. If this is your dream, we want to help.


We firmly believe the best innovations occur when investors approach every decision with the perspective: "What is best for the entrepreneur". We are building a platform that can provide European entrepreneurs with access to a much-needed network of investors, advisors, recruits and partners. We transport a "Silicon Valley style" ecosystem and ethos to European shores.

Historically some of the best European entrepreneurs have moved to the US due to a need for direct access to the worlds biggest market, deepest talent pool and most significant technical alliances. But now, Firestartr believes that here has never been a better time to build a business in Europe, with the lower "cost to experiment" and internet- based go-to-market strategies levelling the playing field globally and allowing Europe’s talent to shine.

Entrepreneurs are the new super heroes. It’s tough changing the world. We know. Now we want to help.

Firestartr loves globally ambitious entrepreneurs crafting game-changing Internet & software businesses. We are entrepreneurs ourselves with a deep-rooted admiration for other entrepreneurs and their struggle to improve their world and society itself.

We provide seed-stage capital and make crucial connections to potential team-members, customers and partners. Our entrepreneurs can select from a "bench" of advisors with skills like UI/UX, growth hacking, business modelling, talent hunting and fin-tech.

We team with entrepreneurs in a lean, data-driven approach to building sustainable business successes. We believe the power of software platforms like Angel List; Github; Dribble and our own Firestartr platform is revolutionising the business of start-ups.

We stand by entrepreneurs from seed to series A and beyond.


Entrepreneur First

Play The Long Game

Lose the Egos

Radical Transparency

Data-driven & disciplined

Innovate don’t stagnate

Some of Europe's new winners.


Firestartr's team has been behind €6.7Bn in transactions over the last 20 years; a dozen trade sales and IPOs and started eight companies from scratch covering brands like Skype, Orchestream and Geneva. Our current community of ventures includes names like Rightster, Teleportd, Badoo, Pusher, Fanatix and Automic. The Firestartr team consists of experts in different areas of business including finance, development, marketing and PR.

Richard Muirhead

Managing Partner

Chipper Boulas


Anil Hansjee


Alain Falys


Cecile Baird

Head of operations and portfolio

Lukas Madon



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