Dr. Jack Kreindler is a Director of CHHP and Head of Health Optimisation and Specialist Medicine. Jack’s background is in emergency medicine, with a special interest in high altitude physiology.

Jack is a medical technology entrepreneur in the areas of wireless biosensors and artificial intelligence. He also lectures internationally on health risk management, performance optimization and the future of medicine, as well as practicing emergency medicine sessionally at the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust in London.

Jack is a familiar face in Silicon Valley, continually researching the very latest advances in healthcare and medical technology from across the globe. He has over eighteen years of professional experience consulting in IT, online data acquisition and behavioral change systems. Jack has founded numerous med-tech projects starting with Encyclomedia, creating a ‘BMA Highly Commended’ encyclopedia of lifestyle, medical and disease management information.

He qualified from University College London with degrees in Medicine and Physiology whilst also establishing himself as an expert in computer user interaction and information architecture. He practiced as an emergency physician for 10 years, before specializing in high altitude medicine with a particular interest in high-risk, AMS-prone and altitude-naïve climbers. Jack serves on the Faculty of the UK UIAA Diploma in Mountain Science and is a keen climber and ski mountaineer himself.

Jack also devotes much of his time to advising, promoting and developing technology and strategy for social enterprises and charities in the health sector such as a TB hospital project in India, an eLearning video library for teaching Ophthalmic surgeons in the 3rd world, and the UK National Obesity Forum. Jack is currently Chief Technical Officer for Project Genie, an education program for children to drive down energy wastage in their schools and homes.