What we look for

  • Globally ambitious entrepreneurs solving a real problem
  • Massively disruptive ideas in big markets, with “fund maker” potential ($1B+ valuations)
  • Complementary skills in the founding team (tech, product management, sales & marketing)
  • Highly scalable internet-based business models
  • An elegant market insertion point and proof of initial validation beyond early adopters
  •  And…a domain secret, often arising from the team’s history and experience 

How we invest

  • Our targeted sweet spot is to lead seed rounds of $300k to $2m for ~25% ownership
  • We track performance rigorously by monitoring KPIs and milestones that are determined and set at the time of the initial investment
  • We help our entrepreneurs secure follow-on rounds, in which we invest selectively but do not lead
  • Investment committee decisions are based on partner unanimity
  • As GPs, we commit to personally investing at least 5% of the private capital deployed in each initial investment


Our value add

  • A team that has done it before and combines entrepreneurial successes and senior operational experience at leading technology companies.
  • Hands-on support, introductions to talent, business leads and some of the most prominent Series A investors. 
  • Partnerships with the most influential incubators, accelerators, co-­investors and co-­working spaces in London.
  • A deep network of advisors, including successful entrepreneurs, C-­level talent from the largest enterprises and prominent technical experts. 

A more flexible and efficient way to invest


Flexibility and priority access  

  • Investors pledge an amount to be invested equally over 10 deals
  • Receive priority access to our seed-stage, follow-on and later-stage opportunities

Attractive fee structure

  • Value acceleration fees of 8.0% of the full pledge amount on a one-time basis or 2.5% per year on an ongoing basis (prorated for active deals only)
  • 20% performance bonus on gains generated, calculated deal by deal and after value acceleration fees have been refunded

Tax-efficient set-up

  • SEIS/EIS benefits applicable on eligible investments (5% set-up fee)