Why Automation has become Critical

Reducing the amount of time spent managing the IT infrastructure also frees up a bank’s best and brightest to identify opportunities for profit and service innovation and measuring ROI.

Automation is now becoming a strategic imperative for banks seeking to innovate – whether through internal channels, acquisition or partnership.

A Technology Pioneer's Advice on Entrepreneurship, Innovation… and Technology

In 2009, the World Economic Forum named Richard Muirhead a Technology Pioneer. Now one of Firestartr's co-founders, he won the title with Tideway, an IT company that helps businesses better manage their data centers. Richard founded Tideway in 2002 and spent the next 7 years building it into a $20m-revenue company. Listen in on his interview below to see how he achieved this. 

The Big Picture about Product Management

In between trying to organise my brothers I spent my teenage years involved in a couple of ventures, including building a telephone-based equivalent to ‘match.com’. I spent a great deal of time graphing and projecting the results from the content we posted to try and predict how engaging it was going to be. With 80% of the call volume triggered by just 20% of the content we were creating I came to understand early how important data is in business decision-making and became obsessed with using this data to optimise product design.