Product Engineer - Hubble

London, United Kingdom · Engineering


As a product engineer you will have end-to-end ownership of projects, working on the full-stack to improve the Hubble platform. Projects can have multiple people involved but will always have one person leading who will be responsible for the work getting done.

We value getting feedback early and understand that nothing survives first contact with the customer. Because of this we ship to production multiple times per day and often before a feature is fully complete - you can tidy it up, refactor it and make it prettier after it actually works. Once a feature is shipped we measure everything and spend a lot of time in Mixpanel, Google Analytics and other tools.

As a marketplace we have different elements that make up our platform. Every week you could be working on something new, such as:

  • Search: our customers often don’t know what they want but somehow we need to help them find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Viewings: tenants want to view spaces and we facilitate that with a time slot based viewing system. In the future we plan to experiment with VR to solve this problem.
  • Payments: rent payments and deposits are the last things we want to f*ck up. We spend a lot of time building trust and making it as fast and secure as possible.
  • Data: our exhaustive set of office and search data helps customers understand the complex office industry...and helps us to make decisions about the business.
  • Host Tools: too many of our hosts live in Excel and we feel for them. We provide tools to help hosts promote their offices and manage their space.
  • Automation: we do things manually until they need to be automated. Our platform is just the tip of the iceberg and we’re always improving our internal tools.
  • Scaling: as our inventory grows, our customer base increases and we expand globally we’ll need to tackle the challenges that come with it.
  • Plus a whole host of other stuff that we are planning and working on.

We are still a small team and so we have a fairly flat hierarchy, a relaxed atmosphere and there are always opportunities to have input in all aspects of the business.


Our stack is made up of multiple microservices written in (predominantly) Javascript and Python and using the AngularJS, Node.js, Django & Flask frameworks. Experience in these are a plus but not necessary if you’re a quick learner and generally know how to build production systems.

We also like it if:

  • you have worked in an engineering team before and have experience building products used by real customers.
  • you have a good understanding of the web platform as a whole and awareness of frontend, backend and RESTful best practices.
  • you have a desire to learn and develop as an engineer.
  • you have an entrepreneurial mindset, having experimented with side projects or with an ambition to start a company in the future.


We like to make sure our engineers are comfortable and have the best environment for them. We offer flexible hours, remote working and have a relaxed attitude to taking holiday - focusing only on whether work gets done. Benefits are optional and can be tweaked on an individual basis depending on what makes you most productive. Here are things we offer:

  • Macbook, dual monitors + peripherals
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Spotify Premium or Apple Music
  • Kindle Unlimited + free technical books
  • Health & Pension
  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Standing desk
  • Fair market comp (£30 - £50k depending on experience) + equity in Hubble

Additionally, being part of Entrepreneur First and Seedcamp gives us (and you) access to regular events, office hours and talks with industry experts.