Senior Saas Engineer - Clusterhq

Must have

  • Extensive experience with: SaaS backend and/or frontend, Containers, Go, Python, Javascript, Linux, RDBMS
  • Experience with Web architecture as a developer: HTTP(S)/HTML/CSS, Web servers, Web Browsers
  • Exposure to distributed data storage systems
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting experience
  • Test-driven development and extensive experience with automated testing and software quality assurance.
  • Significant production software development experience.

Nice to have

  • Substantial experience designing, building and running large scale systems.
  • Securing web applications and services
  • Team leadership experience - leading team of engineers, people management.
  • Team collaboration skills.
  • OSS experience - demonstrated by a large body of contributions to open-source projects.
  • Computer Science education
  • Blogging on technical subjects you care about.
  • Giving talks at technical events.

Job Responsibilities

  • Architecting, building, testing, maintaining and operating highly scalable SaaS systems (backend, frontend or both)
  • Ensuring 24x7 uptime by careful design, troubleshooting
  • Designing architecture and communicating it to the wider team.
  • Hiring great candidates


We are hiring senior engineers in two office locations:

  • Los Altos (Silicon Valley), California.
  • San Francisco, California.

Application notes

  • We'd love to see your resume and a brief cover letter describing why we should hire you.
  • Just as importantly, please include links to other websites and resources where we can see examples of you doing the things we described in this job description (e.g. GitHub or Bitbucket, your blog, docs that you wrote, Twitter).