Why London lacks a PayPal Mafia of its own

Why London lacks a PayPal Mafia of its own

We've all heard of the so-called "PayPal Mafia." They are a group of entrepreneurs and angel investors who were founders or early employees of online payment service PayPal. All of them went on to found their own tech companies, as well as fuel the next-generation of startups.

The Startup Manifesto

Chipper Boulas, Alain Falys and Richard Muirhead, Firestartr co-founders & Partners, are among the 200+ leading startups and investors who backed the new Startup Manifesto aimed at lobbying the main UK political parties to shape policy towards a more tech-driven society. 

Other backers include major UK tech startups and investors, such as King, TransferWise, SwiftKey, Index Ventures, Techstars London and Accel Partners. Full list here